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Amanda. 26. Taken by my *perfect* boyfriend Matthew. *Loves* Jessica Simspson. Pink. Victorias Secret. Shopping. Shoes. Sex. Cuddling. Addicted To Matthew. Desperate Housewives. The Newlyweds. Chanel. Dior. A&f. American Eagle. Hollister. My Cute Pink Mini Ipod. My Kitty Kat. (Orion) Being Adored. Being Able To Get To People *really* Easily!! *Hates* People Who Take Livejournal Way Too Seriously. Hospitals. Being Sick. Bitches. Mhmm. Not A Whole Lot Of Things. *One Thing you will totally find about me is that I do Certain things to piss people off and it works really well.I adore how they never figure it out either. *Confused Smile* Inside Joke: O _ O (Lmao. Only My totally close friends reading this, will even get what that means. Besides being an emoticon someone thinks they invented. Lmao.)* Also, you will find I really do not care what people on Livejournal think about me cause this is not real life. I totally enjoy writing and this is why I do this. Yeah, I do things on the side to upset people (but whatever) but mainly I do those things to get a rise out of people and see how they react in certain situations. I am here purely for my own benefit. Journal//
This journal is mostly private. 95% of it will be private. I might post some things public but for serious, I highly doubt that. I created this journal because my boyfriend was having issues with me posting "Personal" stuff in my journal that everyone could read. My boyfriend likes it this way and he is most important in my life. He wanted a more intimate place for us to converse and stuff. I mostly post cute things between me and my Lover. Inside Jokes. MSN Convos. Thoughts directed totally to Matthew. Sex stories and stuff that would be a total overshare on my public journal. What is here is basically a journal for me and my baby to have our own memories of daily stuff recorded. (How Many Times We Fucked/What We Did blah blah blah)I probably wont add you here. You can go baack to soosexy for anything else. dont add me, kthnxbye.
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